Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi, it's Andrew here. Glad you arrive this site to read my Traffic Siphon Review. I'm sure this is not the first review of Traffic Siphon you read. The reason is there are quite a lot affiliate out there writing their "honest reviews"while actually, they don't know anything about the product.

Well, I'm good at doing so. I only tell what I know and as I've tested Traffic Siphon, I will give you my experience here.

In fact, what I will do is show you the ups and downs of Traffic Siphon, at the end of the review, you will find is it good to go for or not. You know, what will you get is the most important.

So what is Traffic Siphon?

Well, if you have been doing internet marketing for sometime, you will know George Brown (Google Sniper, Traffic Ultimatum) and Andrew X (Auto Profit Launcher, Google Massacre, Google magic formula...). They are masters of Internet marketing and their products are one of the best on clickbank.

I still remember when Google Sniper was released, it shocked the internet marketing world by the ground breaking method to promote niche sites.
I must admit George Brown and Andrew X are the masters of driving free traffic.

Back to the question, what is Traffic Siphon?

Well, Traffic Siphon is another ground breaking method of driving FREE, TARGETED and UNLIMITED traffic to your niche site (in this case are the sites you promote clickbank products).

- You don't have to spend money on traffic.

- Your traffic is BUYERS TRAFFIC, that's why your conversion rate will be sky high

- Your websites will be FLOODED with traffic, more than thousands a day.

Let's imagine how much you can make with such great condition.
Well, if you find it hard to imagine, here is my result after 5 days using the traffic source in Traffic Siphon.

You see, Traffic Siphon REALLY WORKS. Though I'm not making thousands a day but the money I made is good.
I'm not here to bullshit you.
I'm not saying you will make six figures at the first month as many other people out there may said to you.
It's possible to make six figures a month with Traffic Siphon BUT not YOU RIGHT NOW.
I'm not saying it's impossible. You just need some more time.
However, making 4 figures a month with Traffic Siphon is very possible.

ATTENTION!!! The ugly part.

Traffic Siphon is a thorough and decent guide to make money with clickbank using FREE and TARGETED traffic. However, don't ever think about buying traffic siphon if you are not ready to put some hard work.

Don't think buying the method will make your rich. NO, no method can make you rich, only you with your hard work will make you rich. The method is a guide and Traffic Siphon does its job as a guide pretty well.

Get it when you are ready to work, not much but quite a decent time. For a beginner like me, it took 5 days to see the result you see above. I knew nothing about internet marketing before. That's why I believe with some hard work, you will make money in really no time.

Good luck.